The Man Who Loves Me

"Jesus Loves Me"

One day a beautiful, but very troubled little girl came through the door of my day nursery. From the very beginning I became captivated by this child who had so little but needed so much. I was heartbroken that a four-year-old could suffer such heartache and pain. She was born in prison after her mom had used marijuana, crack and cocaine her entire pregnancy.

The little girl was nonverbal and had very little control. I knew her progress would be a mighty battle. Whenever somebody approached her, she became violent for long periods and ended up in a fetal position on the floor crying out.

I found myself praying for her day in and day out. As months rolled on, I began to bond with this child that no one wanted. She and I worked very hard taking one step forward and four steps back. Daily, we sat in the big rocking chair in my office, swaying back and forth and back and forth.

During our rocking time I sang "Jesus Loves Me." She always settled down and became very still at the melody. Though she never spoke, peace seemed to fill her face as she listened to the song.

One day after a very long battle I held my special girl to again calm her fears and pain. In silence we rocked back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Then she looked at me with tear-filled eyes and spoke for the first time, "Sing to me about that Man who loves me."

Blinking back tears of joy, I knew the battle had been won.

- Alicia Hill, Chicken Soup for The Caregiver's Soul

As you face the challenges each day brings, remember to sing about the man who loves you. His love can overcome all fears!

Church is a Team Sport

Church Is a Team Sport

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Most sports teams have a star player. Get the ball to him and he'll score. Get him up at bat with two men on base and he'll hit them home. The sports commentators keep extensive statistics on each player that they'll pull out during a lull in the play. It's all about the numbers — each person playing to advance his own career, to increase his averages - at least that's the way it seems sometimes. But once in a while you see a team that plays together with a kind of magic. It's not about one person scoring big, but it's every team member doing his utmost to move the team forward to win the game - to get the ball across the line, to score. Each player on the field or in the court has a role to play. And when each plays that role well and aggressively — keeping his eye on the ball - the whole team benefits. When one player just goes through the motions, the team is crippled. And if a key member of the team is injured - or just doesn't show up for the game - the whole team suffers. The team fails to score. A healthy church has a lot in common with a finely oiled sports team. Church shouldn't be just a spectator sport with a few players entertaining the crowd. Church - especially a small church - relies on each person actively doing what he or she does best. Church is a team sport. Let me ask you: what's your role in your congregation? What are you doing to move the ball forward? What have you been asked to do that might further your effectiveness as a willing servant of the Head of the Church.

Some of you are wonderful, indispensable team members that help your church do Christ's work! Thank you! But your pastor longs for the day that others will submit to the discipline of being faithful members of a team, a team that has the goal of glorifying God and bringing people to Christ. Dear friends, it's time to suit up together! Game on!

Notes from Brent - February 2016

Genesis 5:21-24

Enoch's walk with the Lord was so close that Scripture tells us, "God took him" (Gen. 5:24). This implies Enoch didn't die but was taken di­rectly into the presence of God. What a wonderful testimony!

As we seek to follow God with this same passion, let's review some specific steps to help us keep up in our walk with the Lord.


This concept carries the sense of God moving toward us. We can be joyful because the responsibility is all His. Through the cross of His Son Jesus Christ. God has already made His move in our direction. Scripture says, "Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation" (2 Cor. 5:18). When we trust in Christ, we immediately take part in that reconcilia­tion.

Trusting God, We must have faith, not only that God is concerned with our walk, but that He has, through Jesus Christ, provided all we need to walk intimately with Him anytime.


To appreciate the closeness God longs to have with us, we must agree with what Scripture teaches about His Son, His Word, the Church, and our problem with sin.


Just as human relationships fall apart without regular contact, our intimacy with God weakens when we don't spend time with Him. Walking with God is not an impossible mission, but it does require careful attention to the details of our Christian lives. When we set our course for God, He'll always be there to direct our paths (Prov.3:5-6).


Taken from In Touch Ministries

In Honor of Father's Day

A little Father's Day Humor - Fathers past and present.

In 1900 a father could count on his children to join the family business. Today a father hopes his children will come home long enough to show him how to use his smartphone.

In 1900 when a father entered the room the children rose to attention. Today the children glance up and grunt "Dad, you are invading my space".

In 1900 a father said" A man's home is his castle". Today a father says, "Welcome to the money pit".

In 1900 a man would find his wife and children at the supper table. Today a father comes home to a note that says, "Pick up Erik at lacrosse and Danielle at cheerleading and there is a pizza in the stove."

Are you wondering what to get your dad this year? Here are some suggestions...

1. They don't say "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" for nothing. Cook Dad an elaborate dinner this year with all his favorite dishes. Make sure you do the grocery shopping in plenty of time in order to do the cooking.

2. Every father has a legacy. Make a shadow box filled with personal items and pictures of your dad, his father, and his two grandfathers if you can find them. Items like pocket watches, letters, and old photos give it some nostalgia.

3. Plan a daddy/daughter date initiated and planned by the daughter. If your daughter isn't old enough to plan a date with dad, make one for her. She can help you bake cookies or cook a frozen pizza and then have a tea party in the backyard or go to a movie. (Of course dad has to drive!

4. If your dad is older, go see him just to listen to his stories. Plan to sit on the porch with a glass of tea and really communicate. These are the stories that you will be able to pass down to your children one day.

5. Grandfathers love to get things from the grandkids, and homemade gifts are even better. Buy a solid color tie and have the kids make handprints all over it with paint. Grandfather will love it and the kids will have a great time, too.

6. Surprise your dad with a nicely framed professional photo of the kids. It can be a large picture to put over the mantel or a smaller one to put on his desk at the office. Either way, he'll be even more proud to show off those smiling faces.

Happy Father's Day!!

Wisdom - The Most Precious Possession


Who is like the wise? Who knows the explanation of things?


A person's wisdom brightens their face and changes its hard appearance. - Ecclesiastics 8:1


Four changes come over any man or woman who dis­covers wisdom.


They become a unique person: "Who is like the wise man?" Solomon asks. Our world is all about imitation. You are nobody if you are not like everybody. Generally that means following an unwise crowd. The question for the Christian is, will I be a cheap imitation of the world, or an original creation of the Spirit of God?


They will acquire secret knowledge: "Who knows the explanation of all things." Not a question but a statement of fact. Spiritual people are in a position to pass moral judgment on eve­rything, not because they are so intelligent, but because the God who teaches them is all knowing.


This person will experience a visible joy:


"Wisdom brightens one's face." Cosmetic makers place grease in make-up to make the face shine artificially. But it is grace that brightens it naturally. So Grace not Grease is what makes the face shine.


The person's disposition is changed: "Wisdom changes the hard appearance." Those whose lives fall under the impact of the Holy Spirit, soften, mellow and are easier to live with.


The familiar hymn, "Amazing Grace" says. Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me."


This is the very life story of its writer, John Newton. Once a captain of a slave-ship, Newton truly lived a "wretched" life. But caught in a dangerous storm at sea one day, he feared for his life and was converted to Christ. He became one of the great Christians of England, writing several hymns that spoke of the joy, the radiance and the gladness of his life since finding Christ.


If you want to know the true meaning of life - seek for God and He will declare it to you through His wis­dom.


Brent Zastrow - Senior Pastor

Cassandra Villegas - Youth Pastor

Kyle Allen - Worship Minister

Ed Highfill - Jr. Worship Director

Communion is served weekly at each service. Shut-in communion is available. Please contact the church to set a date and time.

Nursery for newborns to 3-year-olds is available during both Sunday morning services.
Children four years old through first grade may attend Wee Worship during the second service.
Children second through fifth grade may attend Junior Worship during the second service.