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Family of Mary Ann Bertram, Kyla Zastrow, Melvin Allen, Bob & Cindy Green, Dianna & Joe Mullen, Pat Nielsen, Dawn Smith, Neil's sister, Janet, Harriett Mowrey, Dean Yergler, Mullen twins, Pastor Gail Meyers and his wife, John Kent, Randall Schleef, Rick Highfill, Everyone in quarantine/isolation, Evangeline Brady, Steve Jensen, Debbie Swartz, Gary Allen, Pam Gibson, Carla Jensen, Michele Luecke, Bob Sattler, Darlene Larimore, Deb Johnson,  George & Norma Stichnoth, Gayle Spade, Marla Crawford, Rick Jett, John Ulaczek, Dennis Yawn, Tim Kuehler, Susan Grizzle,  Harper Crouch, Sandy (Maxwell) Glenn, Joyce Knauth, Richard Crook, Bob Ault, Sid Payne, Jared Miller, Darrel Miller, Josh Herscher, Mary Simpson, Hudson Morefield, Jocelyn Shields, Jackie Morefield, Brandi Wilken,   Andy Westerhoff, Terri Fanning, Neil Larimore, Brad Talley, Bob Green, Darrell Niswander, Cori Hodges, Kay Norder, Garen Carter, Lindsey Boyden, Bill Clark, Sheila Fix 

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811 East Hickory Street

P.O. Box 216

Milford, Illinois 60953

+1 815 889 4474 

+1 815 889 4674

Service Times

First Service 8:30 AM

Bible Study and Sunday School 9:45 AM

Second Service 10:30 AM

Social distancing will be encouraged.*

* We practice social-distancing. However, if you have been exposed to Covid-19, we strongly urge you to either wear a mask at all times while in the building or remain at home. If you did not bring a mask, they are available in the foyer.


Senior Minister: Brent Zastrow

Students' Minister: Cassandra Villegas

Worship Minister: Kyle Allen

Junior Worship Minister: Ed Highfill

Parish Nurse: Linda Andris

Executive Assistant: Julie Fischer

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